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Customized Photo Etching Metal

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Customized Photo Etching Metal

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1.Our Company and History
Qingdao Light View Electronic Parts Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing exceptional quality and service in precision photochemical etching. We have grown with technology, in expertise, and experience with a broad range of product applications. Some of the main products we manufacture and produce regularly include speaker-receiver mesh and stainless-steel logo name plate. These electronic parts manufactured by our company are then assembled into complete products for Sony, Samsung, LG, and various other companies for sale. Since 2018, we also have been engaging in VCM spring/spacer and LED lead frame etching. Even with the steady growth in the company and industry, our original goal has never changed. We are aspired to provide detailed attention to all projects, excellent customer service to all our clients, and meet expectations and deadlines.
2.Our Factories and Production Facilities
We have two factories for our production processes. The total area of two factories combined is 56,000 square feet (5,200 square meters). Among the two factories we owned, one of them is specifically designated for metal etching, which is located in a Certified Metal Plating & Etching Industrial Zone. Our production processes conform and comply to the National Environmental Protection Standard. We have been also qualified by Official Departments through rigorous examinations. Our technical team includes PhD and qualified engineers, metallurgists, and chemists of advanced production techniques. Since we are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO14001, our production process has proven to have stability and capability. Our quality systems are continuously improving with the goal of perfection which ensures our high standards.
3.Our Operation and Series of Products
1.Stainless steel logo/name plate
2.Stainless steel PVD logo/name plate
3.Stainless steel speaker/receiver mesh
4.Stainless steel mesh/filter
5.VCM spring/spacer
6.LED lead frame
7.Thin plastic film 3D forming and cutting
MaterialsWays to feed materialDimension(mm)Thickness(mm)ApplicationsTolerance
Stainless steelSUS201, 301, 304, 316, 430, etc.SheetMAX. 500*5000.03t~0.5tSpeaker mesh, decorative metal mesh, logo, name plate, LED lead frame, heater, etc.±10% thickness
Copper alloysCu-Ni-Sn, Cu-Ni-Ti, C5210, etcSheet or reel-to-reelMAX. width 280mm0.0275~0.2VCM spring, VCM spacer, Switch, etc.±8μm
Cu on PET substrateSheet or reel-to-reelMAX. width 600mm (for sheet) MAX. width 280mm (for reel-to-reel)0.~0.188Metal mesh sensors, EMI metal mesh±2μm(line width)
4.Product Application
Qingdao Light View Electronic Parts Co., Ltd uses chemical photo etching to produce a broad range of stainless steel and other material products, from decorative panels to medical instruments components and everything that is in-between. We are capable of working and handling steel in numerous grades. Additionally, we can also help your company determine which grade is the most suitable material for your unique applications or specifications.
Because parts are burr-free, with no heat affected zones and no negative effects on surface finish, photo chemical etching on stainless steel is a very cost effectively process for manufacturing even complex parts. The production process can be easily repeated for manufacturing. Our technical team is able to utilize partial etching techniques to produce intricate details in lettering or logos that vary in material thickness without penetrating the material completely.
Since we have a wide range of materials in our inventory available, we are able to meet the needs of our customers. We also have the convenient source of various grades of stainless steels; thus we have the capacity to provide the materials your application requires. Last but not least, we also have the ability to work with materials provided by our customers in stainless steel photo etching.
5.Our Certificate
Quality: Be confident that your parts are manufactured with the best and highest quality.
1.We are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified in order to meet the industry quality requirements. In addition, we were granted a National High-Tech Enterprise certificate in 2018.
2.As an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company, we are always striving to maintain the highest quality standards. We invest in the latest technologies, equipment, and machineries in order to satisfy our growing customer base. Moreover, it is our goal to provide products with exceptional quality to our clients.
6.Main Production Equipment and Technologies
At 56,000 square feet, our state-of-the-art photo etching factory offers one of the best precision etching capacity in China. We have three DES lines for stainless steel and copper alloy etching in our photo etching plant. Some key equipment include two class 10,000 clean room that is 5,382 square feet, two lamination machines for big size touch sensor, five CNC laser cutting machines for PET film, two big size parallel light exposure machines, one reel to reel double sided precise exposure machines, one FPC bonding machine for big size sensor, one set of die cutting machines, and last but not least, four press machines.

7.Main Inspection Equipment
1)One Nikon VMR-6555 CNC video measuring system.
2)One Mitutoyo tooling microscope.
3)Two image measuring instruments.
4)Two metallographic microscopes.
8.Production Market
Most of the parts we produced are finally assembled into final products of internationally renowned companies and brands, including Sony, Samsung and LG, etc.
9.Our service
-Reply to business related emails promptly.
-Provide technical consultation and suggestions.
-Prepare fast and appropriate samples.
-Guarantee product quality and delivery.
-Provide fast and responsible after-sales service.
-Maintain full legal compliance with export and import.
-Maximized value from process improvement and customer serviceCustomized Photo Etching Metal

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