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Automotive Air Conditioning System Mould Manufacturers

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Automotive Air Conditioning System Mould Manufacturers

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Nissan High Brake Lens Mould
This is a Nissan high brake lens mold, which is a highly demanding plastic mold customized and developed by Jie Mei mold according to customer needs. In the preliminary product evaluation and product design of this mold, mold design professionals are required to participate in the communication, so as to avoid many problems that cannot be processed. Jie Mei has rich experience in plastic mold design and manufacturing, providing customized plastic mold for bentley, land rover, opel, audi and other vehicles.
In the structural design for the Nissan high brake lens mold, the mold structure is determined by the type of injection machine and the characteristics of the plastic parts. The design needs from the injection molding machine's technical specifications, the plastic process performance, the pouring system, including the runner, the gate, the molding parts, the commonly used structural parts, the movement mechanism, the ejection mechanism, the mold temperature control, the exhaust mold material and so on aspects consideration.
Design process of issan high brake lens mold:
1. The client provides the drawing file
2. Mold evaluation quotation
3. Mold opening report
4. The customer confirms the mold opening data and drawings and modifies and improves the product drawings
5. Customers provide official product drawings
6. Mold design
7. Mold design review
8. Mold drawing processing
In the process of mold design, we need to pay attention to the first to make mold opening report according to the customer's product drawings, including shrinkage rate, gate location, parting line, mold mechanism, thimble distribution, product problems and solutions.Then, in the process of product closing review, according to the mold opening report and customer requirements, review and determine the product optimization scheme and mold opening scheme.After the review, the customer changes the product drawings, and we update the mold opening report to the customer for confirmation.Finally, the above mold opening scheme is determined.
Respected customers, if you have any problems and requirements in mold, please contact us. Our team will happy to have in-depth communication with you, to provide professional evaluation and analysis for you, custom and development the mold according to your requirements.Automotive Air Conditioning System Mould manufacturers

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